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Home/Blog/5 Must Have Travel Gadgets for 2021
19 Jul 2021 · 4 minutes read
· by Mairead Bond

5 Must Have Travel Gadgets for 2021

With the world opening back up again, we know some of you can't wait to get back out there to travel and explore!

Whether you're all about the #staycation or getting on the first available plane, check out our top 5 travel gadgets to make the most out of your travels!
1. Portable Power Banks
Whether you're using your phone to keep in contact with family back home, watch movies on long journeys, or get the perfect Instagram shot - the last thing you want is your phone dying whilst travelling. A portable power bank will keep your phone powered up while you're out and about.
We recommend the Satechi Quatro Wireless Charging Power Bank. Combining the best of both portable and wireless charging, the Satechi Power Bank features a Qi wireless charger, built-in Apple Watch charger, USB-C Power Delivery, and a USB-A port to recharge multiple devices simultaneously. With a 10,000 mAh battery life capacity, the Quatro charger can fully recharge an iPhone 11 up to two times while away from a power outlet, as well as your Apple Watch and AirPods.

2. AirPods & AirPod Cases
Listening to music or a podcast is an essential activity for most people on long journeys. AirPods Pro provides the most enjoyable listening experience while travelling. With Active Noise Cancellation for immersive sound, as well as Transparency mode, which lets you hear your surroundings, these AirPods are the best choice for travellers this year.
Keep your AirPods protected with the Nomad Rugged Case for AirPods Pro. Designed to tightly fit your AirPods Pro with a two-piece construction, Nomad's Rugged Case provides additional drop and scratch protection. Built with genuine Horween leather and interior microfiber, this case retains the compact nature of your AirPods Pro in style.

3. AirTag & AirTag Keychains
With Apple's new AirTag, you no longer need to worry about losing important possessions on your travels. AirTag is a tracking device designed to act as a finder for your personal belongings. Whether it's your keys, wallet or luggage - AirTag is the latest travel essential for 2021. 
An essential accessory for AirTag is an AirTag Keychain. Since AirTag is merely a disk, it doesn't come with any kind of attachment method, and so a keychain is necessary to attach AirTag to items. We recommend the Nomad Leather Loop AirTag Keychain. This Horween leather loop attaches to AirTag with a powerful 3M adhesive. The loop adds 2 millimetres of thickness to AirTag, ensuring extra protection.

4.  iPhone Cases
A phone case is an essential for everyday life, and even more so when you're travelling. A reliable case will help protect your phone from drops and scratches while you're on the move. 

We recommend Nomad's Rugged MagSafe Case - available for iPhone 12 models. The Rugged Case is a sleek and refined leather case that offers rugged protection for your iPhone, and now works great with MagSafe. Built with a high-grade polycarbonate body, an all new internal shock absorption bumper, and a raised TPE bumper along the perimeter of the screen, Rugged Case provides maximum protection for your iPhone. Wrapped in supple Horween leather, Rugged Case will develop a patina with time that creates a unique look.

5.  Travel Docks
With the new WFH culture, some of us may be working on the go more. A docking station provides your laptop with the full desktop experience. By increasing your connectivity options to external devices, such as monitors, keyboards and printers, you can ensure your work won't suffer whilst you're on the road.

We recommend the OWC USB-C Travel Dock. This dock brings portable connectivity to your USB-C equipped notebook, no matter where you are. The OWC dock delivers incredible versatility by providing five ports of connectivity, as well as power, all in a surprisingly tiny package. There’s no better way to keep your workflow going whilst on the move, all with a device that can fit in your pocket.

What do you think?
Will you be travelling in 2021? Let us know what your travel essentials are over on our Twitter or Instagram. Happy travels!
Published 19 Jul 2021 by Mairead Bond
Mairead Bond
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