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6 Sept 2021 · 1 minute read
· by Mairead Bond

Apple Car Rumours

Apple Car is the long-rumoured self driving car from Apple.

While we know it's a project in the making, similar to most Apple products, the details of what we can expect are being kept tightly under wraps.   

In this post, we discuss some of the rumours surrounding Apple Car, to give you an idea of what to expect when it does arrive!

What is Apple Car?
Apple Car, also referred to as Project Titan, was confirmed as a project in the making in 2017, when Apple's CEO Tim Cook spoke publicly about Apple's work on a self-driving car. It is still uncertain, however, whether Apple is building a fully autonomous car or a self-driving technology that could be integrated into any vehicle. 

Apple will work with a manufacturing partner to produce the vehicle or integrated technology. Apple has reportedly been in talks with a number of manufacturers including Hyundai, Volkswagen and Nissan - but so far none have been confirmed to have established a successful deal. The more recent candidates for 2021 to watch out for include Honda, Stellantis and BMW. 

The Apple Car is likely to be marketed as a "very high-end" model or "significantly higher" than a standard electric vehicle. Of course with little to no information on whether the Apple Car will be a vehicle or a software, it's almost impossible to predict how much it'll cost. While pricing for Apple Car is unclear right now, we should expect a premium price tag.

Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo believes we won't see Apple Car for another few years - somewhere between 2025 to 2027 at the earliest. The major roadblock for the company remains in securing a deal with an automotive manufacturer. 
Published 6 Sept 2021 by Mairead Bond
Mairead Bond
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