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Home/Blog/Apple’s VR/XR Headset: Everything you need to know
1 Jun 2023 · 4 minutes read
· by Josephine Nuamah

Apple’s VR/XR Headset: Everything you need to know

Apple's rumoured XR virtual reality headset has been the subject of intense speculation, leaving tech enthusiasts buzzing with anticipation.

From its promise of unparalleled immersion to its sleek design and seamless integration, join us as we delve into the conjectures unravelling the secrets behind Apple's ambitious leap into the world of virtual reality.


Extended or mixed reality (XR/MR) have become a hot topic in the past few years. This was largely thanks to Meta's Oculus Quest devices which have been greatly successful in this industry due to its affordable hardware and an accessible software ecosystem.

This played a big part in building up the hype and excitement around the Metaverse concept as we looked towards a future where we would interact across online, digital spaces, and digitally-augmented real-world environments in more immersive and engaging ways.

Apple, known for its innovative products and groundbreaking technologies, has long been speculated to enter the realm of virtual reality (VR). The tech giant's pursuit of creating a VR headset has been the talk of the town, leaving tech enthusiasts eagerly waiting for its official release.

While details about Apple's XR virtual reality headset have been shrouded in secrecy, rumours have been swirling about its potential features and capabilities. In this blog, we dive into the intriguing speculation surrounding Apple's much-anticipated foray into the world of VR.

Immersive Experiences, Hardware and Performance

One of the most anticipated aspects of Apple's XR virtual reality headset is its promise of delivering an unparalleled level of immersion. Rumour has it that the headset will boast an ultra-high-resolution micro-OLED display reaching over 5,000 nits where this is only 2,000 in the iPhone 14 Pro. Apple has always been synonymous with powerful hardware, and rumours suggest that their XR virtual reality headset will be no exception, ensuring stunning visuals that transport users into another world. 

With Apple's expertise in display technology, it is expected that the XR headset will offer an exceptional visual experience utilising display resolutions of 4K per eye with a 4,000 pixel-per-inch density which could be the sharpest image ever seen in a consumer headset.

The headset is expected to feature advanced processors such as the current M2 processor and custom chips, providing seamless performance and reducing motion sickness. Apple's commitment to optimising hardware and software integration could result in a VR experience that sets new standards in the industry exploring virtual environments in a natural, fluid manner.

Design and Features

Apple is renowned for its sleek and minimalist product designs, and it is anticipated that their XR virtual reality headset will follow suit.

There have been many inspired designs of what the headset could possibly look like but we know there are very few (if not any) leaks to the design process when it comes to the Apple Design team so what we could expect is still up in the air. Apple's attention to detail when it comes to product aesthetics could set its VR headset apart from the competition, ensuring both style and substance.

Source: Antonio De Rosa

Rumours point to a lightweight and comfortable design, with adjustable straps and cushioned interiors that cater to prolonged use. According to Mark Gurman, the headset is expected to feature external cameras which are currently being used to test features like hand-tracking and gesture control. Additionally, there have been speculations about gesture recognition technology, enabling users to interact with virtual environments using these gestures, further enhancing the sense of immersion.

Source: Antonio De Rosa

“Reality Pro” has been a consistent rumour of what we could see Apple name their new line of VR technology when announced next week with the operating system being “xrOS”. In April, Gurman provided an overview of likely features for the headset with gaming, entertainment as the core functions of the device. Apple has apparently built versions of its standard iOS apps for its headset which will function similarly to the iPad counterparts. Including apps like FaceTime, Maps, Mail and others as well as new tools like the Freeform collaboration app adapted for virtual reality.

Integration with the Apple Ecosystem

Apple is renowned for its ecosystem of products and services that seamlessly work together. It is widely believed that their XR virtual reality headset will integrate seamlessly with other Apple devices, such as iPhones, iPads, and Macs. This could potentially allow users to easily access VR content, sync their experiences across devices, and leverage the power of Apple's ecosystem for a more comprehensive VR experience.


While reports have consistently changed on the potential price of the Apple VR/AR headset, the common consensus regarding this has been priced at around $3,000/£3,000. That might seem like a vast amount of money to spend on a mixed reality headset, but it's not likely to be aimed at consumers. Rather, the headset seems set for developers, and gamers looking to build on top of their foundation of VR.

The prospect of Apple's entry into the VR market has generated significant excitement, fueled by expectations of a technologically advanced, immersive, and seamlessly integrated VR experience. As Apple continues to push the boundaries of innovation, the world eagerly awaits the official unveiling of their highly anticipated VR headset.

Apple's WWDC commences on the 5th June so look our for all our updates on our social media here!

Published 1 Jun 2023 by Josephine Nuamah
Josephine Nuamah
E-commerce Executive

When Josephine isn't busy dealing with customer queries....she is busy getting all the latest content about trends in technology.

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