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Home/Blog/Apple WWDC 2024
13 Jun 2024 · 3 minutes read
· by Aziza Khasanova

Apple WWDC 2024

Our Four Favourite 'Apple Intelligence' Features Announced at WWDC 2024

Apple WWDC 2024

At the recent Apple Worldwide Developers Conference 2024, CEO Tim Cook unveiled a series of generative AI products and services, including "Apple Intelligence" and a strategic partnership with OpenAI, the creators of ChatGPT. Apple's AI system promises a range of tools designed to deliver a personalised experience across Apple's devices, integrating deeply into the operating systems of MacBooks, iPads, and iPhones, and enabling proactive interactions within apps.

The array of announcements was vast, offering enough to overwhelm if taken all at once, but our team has distilled the highlights. Here, we'll focus on the most exciting new features coming to the iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple Watch.

New Passwords App

Olivia, our Operations Manager, is excited about the new Passwords app announced at the WWDC keynote and finds it helpful as she won't have to write her passwords down anymore!

That's because, the app will allow users to store passwords using end-to-end encryption and seamless sync across devices. With AutoFill, the passwords can automatically be added to the Passwords app, making credential management effortless and secure.

Apple WWDC 2024
Apple WWDC 2024
Apple WWDC 2024
Apple's New Passwords App

Zac, our Apple Focused Technical Intern, is all in on Genmoji, an AI-generated emoji. Leveraging the power of Apple Intelligence, Genmoji can be created directly on the device through the keyboard. Simply provide a description, and watch your Genmoji appear, along with various options to choose from.

Additionally, since Apple Intelligence can recognise people in the photo library, you can select someone and create a Genmoji that looks just like them. We were absolutely amazed by this feature!

Prioritising Notifications

My personal favourite is summaries of emails and grouped notifications, replacing the current three-line previews. According to Apple, your iPhone will now intelligently arrange notifications, by putting "most important" at the forefront of your feed as well as short summaries of stacked notifications as you scroll.

Excited to see how my notifications will be prioritised and how my iPhone will decide what is the “most important”.

Apple WWDC 2024
AI-Generated Emoji
Apple WWDC 2024
Grouped Notifications

Rewriting, Proofreading and Summarising Your Text Automatically

If you're tired of sending emails riddled with typos and grammatical errors, there's no longer room for excuses. Now with the new Apple Intelligence, you can now effortlessly enhance your written communication, akin to what Grammarly or offers.

You will be able to highlight an email you've drafted and adjust its tone to better suit the intended context. Not only that, but Apple Intelligence will also fine-tune your grammar and suggest more appropriate word choices, ensuring your message is polished and professional.

Published 13 Jun 2024 by Aziza Khasanova
Aziza Khasanova
E-commerce Associate

I’m Aziza. I’m an intrepid explorer of both digital realms and far-flung corners of the world. With a background in fashion, I’ve now anchored myself as an E-commerce Associate at MegaMac. Currently, I love exploring the untamed beauty of the UK’s landscapes, all while cherishing the precious moments shared with my loved ones.

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