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11 Nov 2021 · 3 minutes read
· by Mairead Bond

Essential AirTag Accessories

If you're purchasing an AirTag, some sort of holder is a must.
Check out our selection of essential AirTag accessories below - all of which are available to buy at Megamac.
AirTag was one of Apple's biggest releases this year - it's the super-easy way to keep track of your belongings. Attach one to your keys, pop another in your backpack, and just like that they’re on your radar in the Find My app. However, AirTag doesn't come with any kind of attachment method, so you're going to need some kind of holder to attach AirTag to your various items.
A key chain is a must if you want to attach your AirTag to your keys or bag. Here’s a few options that we love:
Native Union Curve AirTag Loop
Native Union's AirTag loop is perfect for those on the go - use it for bags, luggage, and more. The sleek silicone case allows you to snap AirTag inside and then loop it around your belongings. The raised edges will protect your AirTag and the thin yet durable design keeps alerts in earshot. AirTag Loop is available at Megamac in Black and Indigo, costing just £9.99.
Nomad Leather Loop AirTag Keychain with Horween Leather
Nomad's Leather Loop is designed to keep your AirTag permanently attached to your keys. It conveniently keeps your AirTag and keychain as slim as possible with ultra-thin leather that adds just over 2 millimetres of thickness to AirTag. The Keychain is made with Nomad's famous Horween leather which will beautifully patina over time, creating a look that is uniquely yours. The Loop is available in three gorgeously subtle colours and is available at Megamac for just £24.99.
Nomad Leather AirTag Keychain with Horween Leather
An alternative to Nomad's leather loop is the more square-shaped keychain. Still using the famous Horween leather, this keychain is a compact attachment for AirTag, perfect for your keys. Available in Rustic Brown and Black, the keychain is available at Megamac for £39.99.
Wallet Cards
If you want to use AirTag to track your wallet, then a wallet card is the accessory for you. Just pop AirTag into the card, slip the card into your wallet, and that's it; your wallet is being conveniently tracked.
Nomad Wallet Tracking Card for AirTag
Nomad's Card for AirTag is a credit card size AirTag holder that makes it easier to track your wallet. With a smooth uniform shape, Card for AirTag allows you to keep an AirTag in your wallet without having an unsightly circular bump (like you would get by putting an AirTag in your wallet by itself). Card for AirTag has slightly smaller outside dimensions than a standard credit card. Even though the AirTag is thicker than a credit card, Card for AirTag should fit in most credit card slots without issue. It’s available at Megamac for just £14.99.
Pet Tags
AirTag is a great way to keep your beloved pets safe. A pet tag will allow you to attach AirTag to your fluffy friend's collar.
Nomad Rugged AirTag Pet Tag
This waterproof tag is constructed with a TPU-overmoulded polycarbonate shell, which provides ultimate AirTag protection. It comes with two enclosure options, an IP67 waterproof back and a speaker-hole back. The tag comes in White and Black, and will be available at Megamac in January 2022 for just £24.99.
Have you got an AirTag? Has it helped you track missing belongings? Tell us about it over on our socials, we're on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, and would love to hear from you!
Published 11 Nov 2021 by Mairead Bond
Mairead Bond
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