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Home/Blog/How to improve the longevity of your iPhone battery
28 Apr 2022 · 3 minutes read
· by Josephine Nuamah

How to improve the longevity of your iPhone battery

These general tips and tricks will help you get the most out of your iPhone battery and prolong your day-to-day usage.

General tips

Update iOS software: By updating your iPhone to the latest iOS software, you can improve your battery performance by applying new energy-saving technologies to ensure that your battery usage does not decline. One tip is by having your “automatic updates” on so you never have to worry about missing an update again.

Cases: Some may not be aware, but cases can influence the future batter capacity of your iPhone. Particular cases may cause increase heat generation and decrease battery health so, remove your case if this occurs. If you find putting and removing your cases whilst charging slightly inconvenient, Nomad and Mujio iPhone cases are great at not overheating your phone which can be found right here!

Nomad Modern MagSafe Case
Nomad Modern MagSafe Case
Mujjo Full Leather Case
Mujjo Full Leather Case

Do not go to zero: One habit that iPhone users are notorious for is letting their battery level drop too low. Allowing your battery to fall to 0% can affect can damage your battery capacity and decrease the overall lifespan. Once at 20%, its time to charge. If you are out, then enabling low power mode will minimise the amount of power your iPhone uses before it can be charged.
Charging your phone at 100% can be just as damaging. This can deplete the performance of the fast-charging battery properties. Charging to roughly between 50-85% will maintain your battery storage over its lifetime – don’t be scared to regularly charge your phone throughout the day.


Use apple supported brands: Many people tend to not buy Apple supported items which could negatively affect their iPhone directly and battery health. These chargers and accessories can be of low quality and potentially, not compatible with your iPhone which could also result in short circuits to your power supply and other Apple products in the ecosystem. At Megamac, all our products are Apple supported and will help to sustain your iPhone duration for all its uses.

Off-load unused features: Apple provide numerous applications that accompany all iPhones which can deplete your power even if using low power modes so turning these off can significantly help your battery last for longer.

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Published 28 Apr 2022 by Josephine Nuamah
Josephine Nuamah
E-commerce Associate

When Josephine isn't busy dealing with customer queries....she is busy getting all the latest content about trends in technology.

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