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Home/Blog/Inside Our Wishlist: Part 1
2 May 2024 · 2 minutes read
· by Aziza Khasanova

Inside Our Wishlist: Part 1

Inside Our Wishlist 

Ever wondered what's on the wishlist of the brilliant minds driving the MegaMac engine? Today, we're pulling back the curtain to start our “Inside The Wishlist” series with a sneak peek into the desires of our team members.

Miranda, one of our developers, and Olivia, our Operations Manager, are ready to reveal what's been catching their eye lately.

Miranda's Wishlist: PITAKA Dreamland ChromaCarbon Band

Miranda joined our team in November 2023 and immediately stole our hearts. In no time, she became the driving force behind numerous transformative changes to our website, turning even the wildest ideas into reality. Take, for instance, the "available with supplier" feature - our team's collective imagination - to enhance the customer journey on our website.

As for the wishlist, Miranda has her sights set on the PITAKA Dreamland ChromaCarbon for her Apple Watch band. What draws her to this band is its lightweight comfort for everyday wear and interesting design. Inspired by the architectural brilliance of Bofill and his iconic Red Wall Apartment, the "Stairs" design of the band is a testament to creativity and innovation.

A girl sitting on a beach playing a musical instrument with PITAKA Apple watch band on her wrist
PITAKA Dreamland ChromaCarbon Band - Stairs
The woman's hand showing PITAKA's Apple watch band in Stairs
PITAKA Dreamland ChromaCarbon Band - Stairs

Olivia's Wishlist: Nomad Leather Keychain for Airtag

Olivia is the heartbeat of our company, keeping our website and other things running smoothly behind the scenes. Thanks to her, we're always on top of the latest launches, securing the hottest pieces before they hit the mainstream. Take, for instance, the recent launch of the Glow Collection by Nomad, which she helped us land before anyone else did.

But here's the thing about Olivia - “I'm always losing my keys”, she admits and continues, “I need something to protect my AirTag”. That's why she's got her eye on the Nomad Keychain for Airtag. It's a simple solution to a common problem, and Olivia can't wait to get her hands on it.

A photo of a woman's half body holding the phone and an airtag chained to her trousers
Nomad Leather Keychain for Airtag
A photo of a woman's half body holding the phone and an airtag chained to her trousers
Nomad Leather Keychain for Airtag

Stay tuned as we continue our “Inside The Wishlist” series!

Published 2 May 2024 by Aziza Khasanova
Aziza Khasanova
E-commerce Associate

I’m Aziza. I’m an intrepid explorer of both digital realms and far-flung corners of the world. With a background in fashion, I’ve now anchored myself as an E-commerce Associate at MegaMac. Currently, I love exploring the untamed beauty of the UK’s landscapes, all while cherishing the precious moments shared with my loved ones.

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