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4 Mar 2022 · 3 minutes read
· by Josephine Nuamah

A Gift Guide for Her

International Women’s Day and Mother’s Day are fast approaching and selecting the right gift is not always easy. Here, we’ve created a special gadget gift guide for that special woman so you can show your appreciation.

For the forgetful one…

The perfect gifts for those who find it a little easier to misplace things than others, we recommend the additions essential to her Apple accessory collection. With its simple but effective advanced Bluetooth software, one can “ping it, and find it” in just a few taps with Apple AirTags. Attached to the AirTag Loop, items can be found in no time at all!

Native Union Curve AirTag Loops
Native Union Curve AirTag Loops

For quick and easy tracking of all her essentials check out the Native Union Curve AirTag Loop.

For the more outdoorsy one…

Protection has not been made easier with the Native Union Tech Pouch. Designed for life, the tech pouch incorporates ultra-lightweight material with a water-resistant finish to ensure her phone and essentials survives her outdoors activities in any weather. Perhaps she wants an alternative for summer? The Native Union clic-pop sling also provides the effortless convenience of carrying your iPhone when outdoors. Not only that, she can personalise and customise the sling for unlimited uses.

Designed for life. Carry just what you need, then sling it over your shoulder and be on your way. Ultra-slim & lightweight form has you covered for biking, strolling, exploring, and more.

Native Union Sling Tech Pouch
Native Union Sling Tech Pouch - Slate
Native Union Clic Pop Nylon Sling for iPhone
Native Union Clic Pop Nylon Sling for iPhone

Bold and fun or understated and chic? Mix and match to personalise your carry with 8 unique colours. Easily adjust its length then wear it around your neck or sling it over your shoulder for effortlessly functional carry.

The one who’s organised…

Wires can get her all tangled up - whether she are organised or not – you can transform her set up to be more enjoyable. From wireless charging stations to iMac stands, Megamac provide all the latest innovations to elevate her Apple set up for a sleeker and seamless environment.

Or just because…

At Megamac, we have something for everyone. No need to be organised, forgetful or outdoorsy. We will have your Apple ecosystem up and running in no time. We provide the best high tech Apple accessories for all the women you appreciate or just want to show love to.

iPhone cases are a classic gift to provide that worry-free protection against her iPhone. Native Union not only equipped with 6ft protection but also craft for the environmental-conscious with its new recyclable material.

AirPods are everywhere and her AirPods will stand out from the rest with this recommendation. Contemporary and textured designs will elevate her unique style.

Elevate her iPhone case with style with the Native Union Clic Pop Case for iPhone and Stand out from the AirPods crowd with the Native Union Curve Case for AirPods Pro.

Native Union Clic Pop Case for iPhone
Native Union Clic Pop Case for iPhone
Native Union Curve Case for AirPods Pro
Native Union Curve Case for AirPods Pro

Not her colour? Not to worry, we have more colours available at our website.

Published 4 Mar 2022 by Josephine Nuamah
Josephine Nuamah
E-commerce Executive

When Josephine isn't busy dealing with customer queries....she is busy getting all the latest content about trends in technology.

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