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31 Mar 2022 · 4 minutes read
· by Josephine Nuamah

Introducing Nuki

The new way of smart living.

The Nuki are a European leader in establishing you with the safety and security of your home in just the palm of your hands – at your own convenience. Wherever you call home, Nuki has the solution for you.

Based in Austria, Nuki was founded in 2013 by brothers Martin and Jurgen Pansy in order to discover a smart access solution to open your home. After years of time, passion and development, the vision of their innovation became a reality. The keyless access product took over by a storm and the revolution of Nuki ("new key") brought the solution to the needs for cutting-edge home security. Now, Nuki has now seen their products branch internationally with partners such as Apple, Google and Airbnb, to sustain the future of technology without complication.

The beginner-friendly Smart lock 3.0 by Nuki helps anyone to elevate their home security for a connected experience. No screws, no fixtures…just Nuki.

The Smart Lock can be easily fitted into the interior of your door in just 3 minutes to add a seamless finish to your venture into smart home technology. Certified by AV-TEST experts, protection of your home has not been made simpler.

With its state-of-the-art encryption powering a keyless mechanism, you are able to securely open and close your door using the Nuki app on your smartphones for unlimited control anytime - simply with the Nuki Bridge. All the functions in just one app. No need to worry about leaving your keys or if you forgot to lock the door, the Smart Lock ensures maximum security at your convenience for your peace of mind. The Nuki app is available on both iOS and Androids and compatible with smartwatches.


Nuki App available on Smartphones


Even for those without a smartphone, Nuki provides no limits for smart home accessibility. Their extensive range of accessories including a keypad and fob allows Smart Locks to be available for everyone. The perfect alternative for accessing your home without the need of a smartphone.

With the Nuki bridge, you can have easy remote access to your home for friends, family and even neighbours whilst on the move; 24/7 control at all times. Manage entry permissions and view activity logs to always be informed of who is entering and leaving your premises. Other smart home systems like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant integrate perfectly with your smart living to create that harmonious experience. And guess what, all it requires is to be plugged near your Smart Lock…simple.

The Nuki Fob allows you to extend your access to others easily at a touch of a button. Never again replace keys or change locks. Simple deactivate the lost Fob in the Nuki app or through Nuki Web and you’re done. 

Elegantly designed, the sleek Nuki Keypad accommodates additional security to those who do not always want to use their smartphones. Each Keypad can simultaneously store up to 99 different access codes, optimal for safeguarding your home with each entry. Like all other Nuki products, the Keypad can easily be mounted in just a few minutes. No wires or cables, simply just trouble-free.

Powered through all seasons, the Nuki Power pack allows you to experience up to 6 months of uninterrupted battery life. The Power pack is supported with rechargeable batteries meaning you can power your Smart Lock whenever it suits you.  

Combined, the Nuki Smart Lock sustains all one's needs in upgrading their smart home using innovative technology for long-life functions.


Discover the advantages of smarter living with Nuki now.

Published 31 Mar 2022 by Josephine Nuamah
Josephine Nuamah
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