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Home/Blog/Must have accessories to streamline your WFH set-up
14 Jul 2022 · 3 minutes read
· by Josephine Nuamah

Must have accessories to streamline your WFH set-up

Working from home has become a new lifestyle adjustment for everyone around the world and renovating your workspace has been key in maintaining productivity.  

Here, we will provide you with all the essential products you need to streamline your workspace.


To ease the organisational aspect of your workspace, stands help to position all your products seamlessly to complement your Apple aesthetic. The addition of stands to your workspace can drastically improve ventilation and reduce the risk of overheating so you can enjoy your products for longer. Not only with organising your workspace efficiently, raising your monitor can increase comfortability and neck strain to make working from home trouble-free.

We have stands for your iMac, MacBook and even Mac Mini! Some are even on sale.

Satechi Slim Aluminium Monitor Stand 


Thunderbolt docks have been a necessity to increase the performance of your working device at home by exchanging both power and data with just a single unit. From 6 to 18 port units, no user is limited by their possible connections. With many of these docs being backwards compatible, this means that both Apple Mac and Windows PC users can share the same catapulting experience with these docks. Therefore, for those wanting one, don’t delay in your purchase as it might be some months until they return to stock.

Thunderbolt 4 Docks

Wireless charging

Working from home requires more devices to be plugged in and set up which may cause a cluttered workspace. Wireless chargers are a key solution in maintaining that sleek and seamless set up. Nomad and Satechi provide contemporary designs for your iPhone, iPad, AirPods and Apple Watch to charge simultaneously without the hassle of extensive wires.

Want someplace to keep your laptop charger away too? Juiceboxx supplies durable protective cases to prevent your cords from bending and keeps them neat and compact.

We organise many giveaways for our customers so follow us on IG @megamacstore to win base stations, iPhone cases and more.

Nomad Base One Max 


Simply adding a mousepad to your work set up can ease your coordination and comfortability during long hours at your desk. The Horween leather mousepads by Nomad feature a synergy of functionality and style. Mousepads also provide a protective layer to your desk to increase both the longevity of your mouse and desk condition.

Nomad Mousepad


Celebrate Nomad’s 10 anniversary at Megamac with 30% off ALL Nomad products! Enter “NOMAD30” at the checkout. Hurry up as the sale ends this Friday!

Published 14 Jul 2022 by Josephine Nuamah
Josephine Nuamah
E-commerce Associate

When Josephine isn't busy dealing with customer queries....she is busy getting all the latest content about trends in technology.

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