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Home/Blog/Our brands: OWC
5 Jul 2021 · 4 minutes read
· by Mairead Bond

Our brands: OWC

As the leading online retailer of hardware, peripherals and accessories for Apple products, here at Megamac, we work with a number of brands to provide you with the best products out there which will enhance your Apple experience. 

OWC is a popular brand and is a favourite with our customers. In this post, we will explore who OWC are and what they offer...

Who are OWC?
OWC stands for Other World Computing. Founded in 1988, they are a US-based manufacturer specialising in computer hardware, Mac upgrades and accessories. For over 30 years, they have strived to create innovative DIY solutions to help customers get the most out of their technology.

Beginning with 100% compatible memory upgrades, reliably exceeding Apple’s maximum RAM specs, OWC’s product offering has grown to encompass the entire spectrum of upgrade and expansion possibilities, all with a focus on easy, DIY setup and installation.

At Megamac, we are an authorised OWC UK and Europe reseller. All of the OWC products sold by Megamac come with a UK/EU warranty and a UK/EU Plug. Check out our list below for some of OWC's most popular products:

1. Memory
Computer memory, or random access memory (RAM), stores the information that your computer is actively using for quick access. For example, for editing a document, loading applications or just browsing the web. The more memory you have, the faster your programs will run.

OWC want your Mac to perform faster and last longer. They engineer memory specifically tested and optimized for Mac. OWC offer memory for nearly every upgradeable Mac, from the PowerMac G4 to the latest 2017 iMacs. Plus, they make it easy to upgrade by yourself with step-by-step install videos, and included toolkits. It’s the easiest and most affordable way to improve your Mac’s performance.

2. Storage
Storage is the computer component that allows you to store and access data on a long-term basis. Storage comes in the form of a solid-state drive or a hard drive. Storage houses your applications, operating system and files for an indefinite period. The speed of the storage determines how fast your system can boot up, load and access what you’ve saved.

OWC provide a number of storage solutions including SSDs, as well as internal and external storage. If your Mac is running out of internal storage then an SSD upgrade is your best option. Not only can you increase the storage of nearly any Mac, but you will also notice an upgrade in overall performance when you upgrade your storage. Alternatively, external storage also offers high-performance storage solutions to suit your needs.

3. Docks
Docks allow you to easily expand your connection options, utilise empty drives, and connect to displays. From Thunderbolt docks to USB-C travel docks, OWC can provide a wide array of models and options to suit your needs.


With the use of a single cable, a Thunderbolt 3 dock brings an unprecedented combination of ports, convenience and power to your Thunderbolt 3 equipped computer. Another popular OWC dock is the USB-C travel dock, which you can connect to your USB-C or Thunderbolt 3 compatible notebook. This will transform it into a workstation with five essential ports and into a device that's great for working on the go.

4. Batteries
Get the most from your laptop's battery with OWC's NewerTech NuPower batteries. With up to 23% more capacity than original Apple factory batteries, you'll find yourself charging less than usual.

With batteries available for Macbook, Macbook Pro and Macbook Air, just check your compatibility and bring a new lease of life to your Mac.

5. Other Products
We offer a wide range of OWC products. Some of the other products we offer include cables, upgrade kits as well as the wide range of batteries, docks and memory & storage upgrades.

You can check out our whole OWC collection here. And do keep an eye out for future posts where we will be discussing Megamac's other brands!

Published 5 Jul 2021 by Mairead Bond
Mairead Bond
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