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14 Mar 2022 · 3 minutes read
· by Josephine Nuamah

Megamac Visual Identity & Website

We are excited to launch our new visual identity and state-of-the-art website which delivers lightning fast performance with a clean, modern design and significant user experience improvements.


Megamac is the leading online retailer of hardware, peripherals and accessories for Apple products.  Our ethos is simple: we want to empower our customers to modify, improve and enhance their experience with Apple devices. We are passionate about technology and pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service.

In 2020 we embarked on a journey to create a new brand identity and modern website that represents our business and future aspirations. Our clients are technical, knowledgeable and design savvy, so we focussed heavily on creating a seamless, visually enhanced online experience. Our goal is to ensure that the shopping process with Megamac is enjoyable from start to finish.


The Megamac logo is based on two symmetrical 'M' glyphs that are reminiscent of an unfolding laptop. Informed by in-depth research, the overall identity communicates our expertise, quality-focus and professionalism, whilst also reflecting our dynamic attitude, wit and personality. 


We recently refreshed our website design with a clean, modern approach and delivered usability improvements for both desktop and mobile users. We have also realised significant performance gains by using Gatsby, which pre-renders our entire website and pushes it out to a network of global content delivery networks. This allows all users to experience lightning fast performance.

Megamac New Website
The new website
Megamac Mobile
Megamac on Mobile
Megamac Desktop
Megamac on Desktop


We created a range of branded items and merchandise to extend our visual identity into the physical world.

Megamac Hat
Megamac Baseball Cap
Megamac Mug
Megamac Mug
Megamac Laptop Stickers
Megamac Laptop Stickers
Megamac Packaging Tape
Megamac Packaging Tape
Megamac Pen
Megamac Pen
Megamac Tote Bag
Megamac Tote Bag

We hope you love the new experience - visit today.

Published 14 Mar 2022 by Josephine Nuamah
Josephine Nuamah
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