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Cables2 items
Accessories2 items
Memory Cards
Memory Cards12 items
Solid State Drives
Solid State Drives6 items
Memory Card Readers
Memory Card Readers2 items
Adapters2 items
Brackets1 item


Angelbird Technologies is an Austrian manufacturer of high performance and high-end Solid State Drives, PCIe SSDs and other ultra fast storage devices. It was founded in 2011 by a young team of creatives in Vorarlberg, which although the smallest province of Austria, has an international reputation as a region of pioneering and innovation. The team behind Angelbird works with a love for quality and attention to detail. Angelbird products are developed with the environment in mind. Megamac is an authorised Angelbird reseller for the UK and Europe. All of the products sold by Megamac come with a UK warranty and a UK Plug.

Memory Cards

Solid State Drives


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